Do you have a toddler who loves to climb, jump, swing and play?

Little Stars is aimed at children from just learning to walk-3yrs.


LWGC's 'Little Stars' pre-school gymnastics program is aimed at toddlers who are just learning to walk up to 3 yrs. The session is delivered as a "stay and play" class, designed so grown up's can spend some time bonding with their child, letting them explore the colourful pre school apparatus.


Our coaches are there to advise of correct supporting and to explain the focus for the session. Every week/session has a different theme, e.g. transport, numbers and colours, farm etc. and the session follows that theme. Sessions involve circle time, which is completely optional and often depends on the individual as to whether they are ready to take part. Circle time happens 3 times per sessions where grown up's bring their child to sit in a circle and sing a song, play a game, discuss what to do on the apparatus, or sing our goodbye song and receive stickers! Gymnasts are awarded participation certificates at the end of each term and coaches can also begin ticking off skills on each individuals award chart.


At Gym Stars we follow the British Gymnastics pre school curriculum which is focused around Action, Balance and Coordination (ABC) although we have developed our own range of certificates that are included in class fees. These are important skills used in every day life encouraging the development of strength, balance, coordination, posture and flexibility, as well as underpinning the basic foundations of the sport.