At LWGC we pride ourself on valuing our members and prioritising you when it comes to class allocation.  As such, we are offering priority booking to our current Gym Stars members. Some days are more popular than others and although across the week we have enough spaces for everyone, there are limited places in each class.


To make things easier for you we will make the spaces available for you to book online, on a first come, first served basis.  This way you can choose from the places available to book, based on your other commitments. 


Last year this system worked really well, but we strongly advise being ready when booking first opens, as last year we had 100 bookings in the first 3 minutes!


When can I book my child's place?


Class booking opens for LWGC members only at 8pm on Monday 1st July and closes on Sunday 13th July.  

You will be able to see the class times now but will not be able to book the places until booking opens, when the BOOK Now button will appear.


How can I book my child's place for September?


To book your child's Reception Class place for September, please follow the steps below. We strongly advise trying this before booking opens, just to see what times the Reception classes run and to check that you can find the booking page and login successfully.

  1. To visit our class booking site on MindBody - CLICK HERE

  2. Login to your child's account.  

    • If you are unsure of your child's login details, please update them now by replying to this email, giving your child's name and asking for new login details.

  3. Click the CURRENT MEMBERS ONLY tab.

  4. Select the Reception Class you would like your child to attend in September and click BOOK NOW

    • Please note that the BOOK NOW button will only appear when booking opens on Monday 1st July at 8pm

If the class you select is full you will be able to join the waiting list and/or book a different class. 


Once you have booked your child's place you will receive a booking confirmation email :-)


You will then be directed to a screen that says MY SCHEDULE at the top. The class you have booked your child into for September is the class on the bottom of the schedule.  Once you have can see this, you are all done and we will add your child to the full class register for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year :-)


What if I do not book a place for September?


We also understand that you may only be able to make it to a specific class and that if that class is full, your child cannot attend until a place comes up. If your child is on a waiting list but has not been booked into a class by 13th July, we will suspend payments until we have been able to offer them a place in the class you have requested.


If we’ve not heard from you we’ll try & contact you by phone before bookings close. We really hope to see you again in September but if you don't wish to continue at LWGC please do let us know.


When do I need to book by?


We will leave class booking open for LWGC members only until Sunday 13th July.  After this date the 'members only' online booking will close and bookings will need to be made by emailing