Joining LWGC


If your child would like to join us at LWGC and we have confirmed we have a place for them, joining is easy and can be done in 1 minute online. You will need to do this within 48 hours of your taster session to secure your child's place in the class they had their taster in.

To join LWGC simply click the JOIN NOW button, sign into the LWGC MindBody site and purchase a Joining Package.  This includes:

  • Free Club T-shirt.

  • LWGC Membership card which provides access to lots of local discounts! Click here to see all the discounts available to our members.

Once you have joined we will set up monthly class fees payments using the card information stored and payments start on 1st of the next calendar month.

You can then collect your child's FREE Club t-shirt at their 1st class after joining.


Cost to join?

Please see below the cost of joining LWGC and the monthly fees payable after joining. 


Joining Costs

Gym Stars:  Stay & Play (Under 4’s)


  • £30.00 to Join

Gym Stars:  Pre School (3-4 Years)

  • £30.00 to Join


General Gymnastics (Reception to Year 11)

  • £40.00 to Join

The cost of members certificates, medals and trophies plus entry to the annual LWGC Championships are included in our monthly fees so there are no hidden costs :-)


How much are classes?

To make paying class fees as easy and affordable as possible, LWGC have added up the cost of classes for a year and divided it into 12 equal monthly payments.  Instead of making 3 termly or 6 half termly payments, LWGC members pay class fees monthly.  Weeks when classes do not run (during the school holidays) have not been charged.

2019/2020 Class Fees run August 2019 to July 2020

Stay & Play - £20.00 per month

Pre School - £29.00 per month

General Gymnastics - £29.00 per month


How to pay?

Monthly class fee payments are taken from the card you use to join, on the 1st of each month, starting next month.  This is like a Direct Debit, but with automated payments being taken from your card. Our 1-month rolling contract can be cancelled by emailing us, so you are only committed to paying fees for as long as your child wants to come.

*Please note to cancel your next monthly payment you will need to notify us on or before the 20th of the month so that we can cancel your payment and contract before the next monthly payment is due to come out. 


Is there anything else to do after joining?

LWGC members must have a 2019-2020 BG membership, for insurances purposes.  These can be purchased from 1st October 2019 online at and costs £13 for a Pre-School Gymnast or £19 for a General Gymnast.  

Once you have joined LWGC you can...

Renew or create your British Gymnastics membership here

Stay & Play members do not require a British Gymnastics Membership

If you require any further info or have any questions please visit our website or email our Club Manager Dave at