LWGC 2021 Virtual Club Championships!


Zoom Sessions begin Monday 22nd Feb

Club Championships Week begins Monday 22nd March


We are delighted to invite your gymnast(s) to enter our 2021 Virtual Club Championships W/C 22nd March.


On Monday 22nd February we start the 2nd part of the Spring Term with 4 weeks of online sessions where your gymnasts can join us to perfect their skills for competition and begin putting together their competition routines.


Routines are designed to be accessible for each age category and of course will be safe to be performed at home.


Our plans for these online Zoom sessions will take us through jam packed, fun filled workouts and will include all of the skills we have been building and working so hard on during the last half term, to come together perfectly into a beautiful gymnastics floor routine.


Gymnasts can join any (and as many) age-appropriate Zoom sessions as they wish throughout the week, as we will run a variety of different games and workouts each day whilst still tackling the same skills for each age category.


A video of these routines will be released in the weeks to come for the gymnasts to practice in their own time in addition to the preparation they will be doing during their Zoom sessions should they wish to.


We are Theming our Club Championships this year to join the Warwickshire County Councils campaign ‘Show you Care’. We would love all gymnasts to make a ‘Comp Card’ that shows their designs or coloured in templates of hearts, as a way to show that they are thinking of others in the pandemic.

Displaying or sharing a heart can mean many things, but could include:

  • I care about our key workers

  • I care about my neighbours

  • I care about my grandparents who I haven’t been able to see

  • I care about missing my school friends and teachers.

  • I care about missing my gymnastics friends and coaches

We will ask gymnasts to hold their comp cards up to the camera before starting their routine as a way of showing that we are all still connected during this lockdown.

At previous competitions we have asked gymnasts to design themed ‘comp cards’ which would normally display their competing number. This time they do not need a number and will use a heart instead,  but here's an example of previous years comp cards.

Show you care logo.png

Show You Care

Download a heart template here if you wish, or simply create your own!



Grown-ups – we need you!


During each of our Zoom sessions W/C 22nd March (Competition week) we will run our normal fun warm up games, stretches and workouts.


We will then have some time for practicing the routine as we would do on a normal competition day.


Then, will come the time for the gymnasts to compete!

At this time we will ask ALL gymnasts on the Zoom session to perform their routine, starting by displaying their comp cards.


While we will be watching and enjoying all of the routines, we need you to:

1.     Film their routine for us

2.   Send us the video (it will be less than 1 minute long) to this email address: lwgcchampionships@gmail.com or via wetransfer to the same email address.

3.   The subject line of this email MUST be your gymnasts name and current school year.

4.   Please also send a picture of them holding their ‘Show you Care’ Comp card for a montage that we will put together after the Club Championships. (can be taken at a separate time of course!)


On Sunday 28th March (which was going to be our Club Championships final day!) the Senior Team of Coaches (who are also all qualified judges) will be pairing up and together judging each child’s entry.


We will then be announcing our Bronze, Silver and Gold winners for each age category!


All participants will receive a participation medal

(more information on how to collect etc will come soon)


In addition to medals, our Bronze, Silver and Gold places will also receive a club trophy!