For pre schoolers aged 3 and 4 who love to explore, use their imagination

and challenge themselves! The Gym Stars program gives your child a head start with a new physical environment to explore and new social interactions. 


A more structured class aiming to give pre-schoolers an introduction to our after school General Gymnastics program. Each session gymnasts will work on two pieces of apparatus (beam, bars or rings, floor, tumble, vault) and will practice skills suitable for their level of ability.  Every week/session has a different theme, e.g. transport, numbers and colours, farm etc. Gymnasts will work on developing their strength, flexibility, coordination and technical model for different skills through imagination and play on our fun, colourful apparatus. Throughout each term coaches will be ticking off skills as and when gymnasts achieve them on their individual award charts.


At Gym Stars we follow the British Gymnastics pre school curriculum which is focused around Action, Balance and Coordination (ABC) although we have developed our own range of certificates that are included in class fees. These are important skills used in every day life encouraging the development of strength, balance, coordination, posture and flexibility, as well as underpinning the basic foundations of the sport.