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LWGC Terms and Conditions


British Gymnastics Membership


A current British Gymnastics is compulsory for all LWGC members except those attending the Little Stars classes. Gymnasts will not be permitted to train without holding a current BG Membership. All members information must be correct at the time of joining and members are responsible for keeping this up to date. Falsifying information will invalidate membership, without which members will not be allowed to train.


It is members’ responsibility to keep all contact details up to date. For health and safety reasons members may not be allowed to train if contact information is found to be incorrect.


Codes of conduct


Members (gymnasts and parents/guardians) must conform to the codes of conduct outlined on our website.  Members in breach of the codes of conduct may be asked to leave the premises and in extreme cases have their LWGC membership terminated without a refund.



If you wish to cancel your membership you must put your cancellation in writing, you can do so by emailing .

We must have received your cancellation email on or before the 20th of the month in order to process the payment cancellation for the following month. Cancellations received after this date will be processed the following calendar month. For example, if you cancel by the 20th October, November's payment will not come out. If you cancel on the 21st October, November's payment will still come out and we are not able to refund this amount. However we can assure you that December's payment will not be taken.

If you cancel your child's place and decide to return to us in the future, our normal joining fee will apply.




Once a payment has been made to LWGC this will not be refunded. Each monthly Direct Debit/Card payment is a commitment to book the members place for the that month. For example, by making payment on 1st September 2020 you are committing to book your child’s place until the end of September 2020. Members may request to be moved to another class suitable for their age and ability, subject to availability. Fees may not be transferred to another payment period.

Holiday club payments are non refundable.


In the event that LWGC are unable to run classes during term time, for example due to a site issue e.g. a power cut, extreme weather, national state of emergency, natural disaster, etc, please email us and we can arrange for your child/children to come in for a make up class, so they do not miss out or fall behind their peers. All make up classes must be pre arranged with LWGC to ensure availability.

Update August 2020:

In the event of further closures being enforced upon LWGC we will continue to run classes online. We are not able to offer refunds on fees. 


Liability Waiver


I know of no reason why my child should not participate in gymnastics classes at LWGC. I understand the risks involved in gymnastics and that while coaches at LWGC will do their utmost to minimise these risks, accidents sometimes happen. I give my consent for my child to participate in gymnastics classes at LWGC.

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