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At LWGC we have a range of competitive squad teams training under the umbrellas of 'LWGC Squad' and 'LWGC Elite Squad'

Membership into any of our squad teams is by invitation only.

Our Squad gymnasts train for 2, 4, 6 or 8+ hours a week. This is dependent on age, level of competition/pathway in which they are training. 

LWGC coaches are always on the look-out for Gymnasts who show a natural talent and whom they think would benefit from moving into a competitive training route.

Our Squad Coaches will carry out an 'Initial Squad Assessment' for any recreational gymnasts who've been recommended during their usual recreational class. Gymnasts could then be invited into a squad team for a

4-week trial.

If you feel your Gymnast shows a natural talent, a passion for taking part in Competitive Gymnastics and you would like them to be assessed please email


The LWGC Squad is open to both boys & girls from 5 years old.


Gymnasts selected into this squad pathway will generally train between 2 and 4 hours per week.

They will work towards Regional and Invitational competitions.

While we always keep gymnastics training fun and exciting for our gymnasts, being in the LWGC squad requires determination, discipline and commitment.

Gymnasts spend more time working on overall conditioning and focus more heavily on the technical model of skills. This allows them to better prepare for the bigger skills and for competition.


Squad members can get more information including potential pathway and key dates in the LWGC Squad diary by clicking below: 

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Being a member of the LWGC Elite Squad requires commitment, determination and a huge passion for the sport.

The Elite squad is categorised into 4 teams, roughly based on age and level of individual gymnast.

Gymnasts will move through the 4 teams which are designed to progressively develop and prepare gymnasts for competitions appropriate to them.

These could include club/regional or national grades and voluntary levels.

There might also be the chance to compete in some friendly competitions along the way too!

Gymnasts should expect to start their Elite journey by focusing on shapes, conditioning, flexibility and that the basics are learned correctly. This will determine which level of pathway the gymnasts will progress through.

Squad members can get more information including potential pathway and key dates in the LWGC Squad diary by clicking below: 

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