As an invite only program, The Squad team is made up of LWGC's elite gymnasts giving them the opportunity to work to a higher standard and to enjoy their sport more than once a week. This in addition to continuing to work through our LWGC Squad Awards Scheme.

There are several times throughout the year where the Squad teams main focus is preparing for local, regional and national competitions or displays.


Being part of one of our Squad teams is both rewarding and hard-work in equal measure. 

If your child is invited to join our squad team there's lots of things to take into consideration as we know that our parents need to be almost as committed to training as our gymnasts. 



Gymnasts are expected to commit to:

  • Attending all training sessions punctually and have as little absence as possible.

  • Participate in the competitions set for their pathway level. We aim to compete in 3 - 4 (max) competitions per year for each level of squad. Competitions usually take place on a Sunday. The Lead coach will set out a plan of competitions for the start of each academic year.

  • Have a hard-working and team focussed attitude at all times.


We hope that gymnasts will have the dedication to work hard towards skills but also have an understanding of what it takes to achieve them. Gymnasts will have to show safe execution of skills or preps and be able to perform them to a high standard before moving to the next progression. This is applicable for all levels and on all pieces of apparatus.




As a member of the squad team you will be asked to purchase a number of essential items of kit:


  • Gymnasts are expected to wear LWGC training leotards (plus shorts for boys), no jewellery to be worn and long hair must be tied back. Club uniform is preferred for training, however if a child is attending numerous training sessions per week we will permit any gymnastics leotard as we understand that they can be expensive and tricky to wash & dry before the next training session.
  • A competition leotard prior to participating in your first competition, please make sure you have left enough time to order one! 

  • A competition tracksuit that you will wear when representing the club outside of LWGC.

  • An LWGC Holdall bag to bring to training and competitions.

  • Handguards, please see information below, regarding options.



For 2-4 hour gymnasts palm guards are acceptable, we recommend these with wrist sweatbands: Click here


For Gymnasts training 4 hours plus: Dowel Hand guards are essential and our recommended purchases would be from either of these suppliers with wrist sweatbands: Click here & Here

How to order:

You can order Club leotards & Holdall Bags here: https://www.thegymnasticsclub.co.uk/clothing

We are currently designing some competition leotards & tracksuits, please check back here for more info soon!

We know that alongside a child’s commitment to gymnastics, parents and carers also have a level of commitment too. We want gymnastics to be lots of fun, even at this level so please parents/guardians, be just that! Your child does not need another coach, they have one (or two) already at the gym. 

  • Be on the sidelines with a whole heap of encouragement and praise. 

  • Please do not train your child outside of the gym as this can cause bad habits and incorrect coaching points which will hinder your child's progression and therefore jeopardise their place on the LWGC Squad Team.

  • There is no expectation for parents or carers to stay in the gym for the squad sessions, you are welcome to drop off and return at the end of the session to collect your child.

  • Parents are not permitted to film or take photos during your child’s session without prior permission



The following charges apply to our squad groups:


1 hour per week:        £35.00 per month

2 hours per week:     £56.00 per month  (20% Discount)

3 hours per week:     £73.50 per month   (30% Discount)

4 hours per week:     £84.00 per month   (40% Discount)

hours per week:     £96.25 per month   (45% Discount)

hours per week:     £105.00 per month (50% Discount)


There is usually a charge to enter competitions, which is normally around £20.

For Squad enquiries please email abby@thegymnasticsclub.co.uk