General Gymnastics is based on our motto

'Promoting gymnastics for all' with the idea that gymnastics is a sport for everybody.

All gymnasts aged 4yrs + will begin their gymnastics experience in one of these classes.

We pride ourselves on making gymnastics accessible to all, providing young people of all abilities with the opportunity to participate in the sport.  Our Olympic sized apparatus is there for all to enjoy, under the guidance of our team of British Gymnastics (BG) qualified coaches.  We firmly believe that all children should get to experience gymnastics in the best facilities with the best coaches, irrespective of their level of experience and ability.

We offer a range of activities, appartus, competitions and displays with the opportunity to gain awards throughout our progressive assessment scheme.

Content leads on our Gym Stars pre-school program and continues to increase in technical demands as there is a much greater emphasis on skill development and technique.  LWGC gymnasts work through our awards scheme and on completion of the relevant skills for each award, Gymnasts are presented with a certificate to celebrate their success.

We include the use of all of our Olympic sized apparatus in General Gymnastics.