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Zoom Class Overview

During the next 4 weeks we will be working towards the British Gymnastics Award Scheme for Pre School. This scheme helps to develop the basic skills that play an essential part in everyday life, as well as underpinning future development in sport skills.


Skills that make up this awards scheme are designated into 3 fundamental building blocks 1,2,3:

Level 1 – covering ‘Action’ based skills 

Level 2 – covering coordination based skills

Level 3 – covering balance based skills. 


In each weekly Zoom class we will be covering 1 of the levels, finally finishing week 4 with an amalgamation of all levels to conclude our program. 


Each week we will cover a different theme:


Week 1 w/c Thursday 5th November – Wednesday 11th November

Theme: Fireworks

Goal: Action


Week 2 w/c Thursday 12th November – Wednesday 18th November 

Theme: In the woods

Goal: Coordination


Week 3 w/c Thursday 19th November – Wednesday 25th November 

Theme: In the woods

Goal: Balance


Week 4 w/c Thursday 26th November – Wednesday 2nd December 

Theme: Arctic Animals

Goal: All


Participating in the next 4 weeks zoom sessions will stimulate children’s imagination,  develop fundamental movements and allow the gymnasts to achieve their British Gymnastics Award.


To purchase the BG Awards please visit

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