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LWGC Recommend A Friend 

It's the biggest compliment you could give us! So, we'd like to say THANK YOU!

Recommend a friend to LWGC and we'll offer them £5 off the cost of a taster session and if they decide to join us we'll give you £5 too!

Terms and Conditions of the LWGC Recommend A Friend Offer

  • This offer is only available to those who have been presented with an exclusive LWGC recommend a friend card.

  • This recommend a friend offer is only applicable to new members to LWGC, those already on our waiting list or those already with an LWGC account will not qualify for this offer. 

  • An exclusive £5 discount code will be sent out to individuals contacting LWGC following our recommend a friend scheme, this code will be recorded and matched to the member who recommended you.

  • Members who recommend a friend who signs up for LWGC membership will receive £5 refund off their following month’s fees. For example, if a friend joins as a member in April, you will receive a £5 refund off your May fees. 

  • This offer in unlimited so members can recommend as many friends as they wish and will receive £5 off their fees for each person who joins. 

  • LWGC reserves the right to terminate this scheme at any time.


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