Reception & Year One Zoom Class Links

Before your class:

  • Please try to arrive at least a couple of minutes early to give us time to check your name & admit you into the meeting.

  • It's important that your screen name is the gymnasts first and second name this is really important for safeguarding, we cannot allow anyone to participate in the meeting unless we know it's a member. It also means that our coach can say hi to you & address your gymnast by name to correct technique if needed. If you're not sure how to do this, please watch this short video which shows you.

  • Make sure that you have plenty of room around you and that you have some water ready and are wearing appropriate clothing for gymnastics classes. 

  • Please make sure that long hair is tied back 

  • An adult must be near at all times during the session.

Reception & Year One Zoom Links:


Reception & Year One Week Day - Monday - Friday 4:15pm


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Meeting ID: 942 2633 4248

Passcode: R1WEEKDAY



Reception & Year One Saturday Morning 09:30 AM


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Meeting ID: 915 6764 0045

Passcode: R1SATAM


Reception - Year 5 Saturday Afternoon 1:30 PM      

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Meeting ID: 962 1317 0775

Passcode: R1SATPM