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Celebration Week at LWGC!

All week from Monday 4th - Saturday 9th April it's Celebration Week at LWGC!

It's the last week of term at LWGC and that can only mean one thing! IT'S CELEBRATION WEEK!

Time to celebrate our gymnasts and all the hard-work and effort they've put in throughout the term.

Gymnasts will receive a certificate & a medal and we have some special trophies to give out to Gymnasts who have been recognised & nominated by their coaches as role models in the club, who embody our club values!


Certificates are earned throughout the academic year. Each term there is a different skills focus on each piece of apparatus, then at the end of the term the Gymnast will be award their certificate for completing that terms' skills focuses.

Gymnasts from Gym Stars upwards are presented with a certificate at the end of each term and once gymnasts have been awarded all three certificates, they will complete the level they have been working towards and will be awarded a special Certificate & Medal at the end of the academic year.


Medals can be achieved at the end of each term and will be given to all Gymnasts from Reception upwards in recognition of their hard work on a particular apparatus. Every member of each team will go away with one of the 8 medals as chosen by their coach for their gymnastics ability.

The medals your Gymnast could be awarded are:

  • Fabulous on Floor

  • Brilliant on Beam

  • Beautiful on Bars

  • Victorious on Vault

  • Strongest Gymnast

  • Most Flexible

  • Star Performer

  • Best All-Round Gymnast


Our LWGC Trophies are really special! Our coaches are always looking out for Gymnasts who they feel embody our club values. Coaches nominate Gymnasts who they feel should receive special recognition.

There are 8 trophies to be awarded in each of our programmes Gym Stars, Recreational Gymnastics and Squad. (24 in total).

The trophies in Recreational Gymnastics & Squad are awarded for:

  • Most Improved Gymnast

  • Most Determined Gymnast

  • Most Enthusiastic Gymnast

  • Best Role Model

  • Best Team Spirit

  • Sportsmanship Award

  • Best Newcomer

  • Head Coaches Choice Award

In Gym Stars the trophies up for grabs are:

  • Brilliant on Bars

  • Beautiful on Beam

  • Fabulous on Floor

  • Victorious on Vault

  • Most Improved

  • Most Enthusiastic

  • Most Determined

  • Star Performer

We’d love to see photos of your gymnasts with their certificates, medals or trophies, please do share these with us via email or social media so that we can use them in an end of term video montage!

We know some children will not be able to make it to class during celebration week, please don’t worry. The coaches will be saving the children's certificates for when they return.

A reminder of our term dates.

LWGC will close for usual classes after the last class on Saturday 9th April. We are then closed for Easter Holidays from Sunday 10th April. Classes begin again on Monday 25th April.


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