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THE LWGC Winter Club Championships

LWGC are proud to announce a brand-new addition to our fun packed and rewarding club calendar. INTRODUCING … The LWGC Winter Club Championships 2023 in classes all week from Monday 4th to Saturday 9th December! Following the tremendous success and the valuable feedback from our Annual Club Championships back in June, we are thrilled to announce the very first LWGC Winter Club Championships! Back in the Summer we heard from parents and carers just how much you loved being able come into the gym to see first-hand your Gymnasts’ individual progress. Our Gymnasts told us how proud they were of their achievements and how motivating it was to have something extra special to work towards, so we wanted to kick off the end of term celebrations in style! The Winter Club Championships will be for all Recreational Gymnasts from Reception age upwards and will focus on building confidence, celebrating progress made, and of course promoting sportsmanship to all. There is no charge for entry to this competition and all gymnasts' medals are supplied by LWGC at no additional charge.

Gymnasts will be taught a short floor routine and a short bar routine during their usual classes in the lead up to the competition. Both routines will comprise of skills they have been learning throughout the term.

Coaches will ensure that gymnasts are 'competition ready', for example, they’ll be taught competition etiquette - giving them a taste of competitive gymnastics (in a fun, friendly and supportive manner). All gymnasts will have ample time to practise during their usual class in the weeks leading up to the competition and there’s absolutely no expectation that they should practise at home. However, should they want to please see videos of the floor routines below.

We know that for some gymnasts, competing might be daunting. We want to reassure gymnasts that in this competition they have the choice to perform their routine with others if they feel too nervous to perform on their own. There will also be other groups competing in other areas of the gym at the same time. Coaches will establish before the competition who is keen to perform the routine on their own & who would prefer to perform alongside their team-mates, they will decide this with the gymnasts themselves. Coaches will be using a judging system to score gymnasts on their skill acquisition and performance on both floor and bars. The two scores will form an overall score.

ALL participating gymnasts will receive an LWGC Winter Club Competition medal and those who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each team will be awarded either a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal accordingly. The LWGC Club Competition is free of additional charge and all medals are included.

We welcome parents/carers to come and watch their child at the LWGC Club Competition. Due to space in our gym we do ask that only 1 Adult per child attends.

The LWGC Club Competitions are a highlight on the Recreational program calendar. We are keen to express that they are designed to be motivating and exciting with our primary focus being on our Gymnasts enjoying the whole experience. We’ll be working on building their confidence & team spirit as they support their team-mates and train together.


What to wear:

We expect all participants to wear their LWGC Club T-shirt or Leotard during club comp week.

Long hair should be neatly tied back and no jewellery should be worn.

All Gymnasts get an LWGC t-shirt when they join. If your child needs a new t-shirt, more details on ordering clothing can be found here. Leotards are made to order via our clothing supplier A-Star leotards. Details on how to order these are also on the link above.

What to expect: Expect lots of fun & no pressure, we want all Gymnasts to enjoy this experience. We have posted the floor routine videos for each age group on our YouTube channel here. Spectators: We'd like to invite parents/carers into the gym to watch the LWGC Club Competition week. As space inside the gym will be limited please may we ask that only one adult per Gymnast attends during LWGC Club Competition week. Please read the following code of conduct for spectators:

  • No photographs at all in the gym please. Your children will love having your full attention & we will provide a dedicated photograph area in the foyer for you to take your proud photographs after their session.

  • No shoes to be worn inside the gym.

  • No food should be brought or consumed inside the gym. Water only please.

  • Younger siblings are welcome in the gym but will need to be able to sit & watch for the hour-long session, if you think this may be tricky, the mezzanine will still be available to all parents though viewing is limited.

  • Praise is encouraged always, please feel free to cheer on your Gymnast and others.

  • We want to encourage good sportsmanship at LWGC, please refrain from coaching from the side-lines. Negative behaviour won't be tolerated.

  • Judges scores are final.



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