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Join us for a true celebration, LWGC Festival Style!


Monday 18th - Saturday 23rd July 2022.

It's time to celebrate our Gymnasts' incredible achievements during what has been a challenging year for many. To end the year with a bang we'd like to invite all Gymnasts to attend their class this week in brightly coloured clothing - Festival style! Please be mindful that this is still an active Gymnastics session, no skirts or dresses and long hair must still be tied back. Gymnasts should not wear any jewellery. We are excited to announce that following the success of Commonwealth Games week, we are once again inviting parents/carers to watch Celebration Week from our viewing gallery. Please see below for more detailed information regarding this.

All week from Monday 18th July - Saturday 23rd July we will be celebrating our Gymnast's achievements. Gymnasts from Gym Stars upwards will be presented with awards, medals and of course there are some trophies too - in recognition of their successes. We can't wait to see you all & celebrate our Gymnasts together! If your gymnast isn't present at the end of term don't worry. We'll hold on to their awards until they're back.


Thank you to everyone who came to spectate during our LWGC Commonwealth Games. We were so excited to have our viewing gallery open for the week. We hope you all really enjoyed watching your gymnasts take part.

As you know, our viewing gallery has been closed since the start of the pandemic, while we worked hard to keep Gymnasts and Coaches safe. The gallery was used for flexibility and conditioning sessions and proved a valuable space for us all.

The pandemic certainly made us look at everything from a new angle and many of our gymnasts commented on how much quieter the gym was without the sound from the mezzanine. As you will also be aware we have fire regulations to adhere to as well and have maximum numbers to monitor whenever the gallery is open.

We’d like to thank everyone who came during Commonwealth Games week, ensuring numbers were kept to a minimum with one spectator per gymnast. You respected the space and we felt it went really well.

We are pleased to announce that we will open up our gallery once again during Celebration week from Monday 18th July so that you can enjoy watching your gymnasts and see them receive their hard-earned awards.

We will be making plans for September and beyond and will share these with you once they’re finalised.

  • We can only welcome one spectator per gymnast in any one session due to the size of the venue

  • Younger siblings may sit on adult laps

  • There is to be NO PHOTOGRAPHY or VIDEOS during the session

  • We encourage you to take photos after the session by our LWGC photo backdrop and share with us on social media 🙂

  • There must be NO side-line coaching from parents

  • This is a fun and friendly gymnastics club where we expect the utmost sportsmanship from all, including spectators. Please encourage and praise.

  • Please keep our viewing gallery clean and tidy, if you need to eat please clean up after yourselves and put rubbish in the bin.

Thank you for all of your feedback and positivity! See you all during Celebration week!


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