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CITV Scrambled show at LWGC

Who doesn’t need a smile and something to look forward to at the moment?! We are injecting a little fun into your week here at LWGC!

We’re so excited to announce that all week next week we will be filming an LWGC Takeover with CITV’s Scrambled! The next series is due out soon and we have been asked to submit some videos that will be filmed at LWGC to appear over the whole of the next series of Scrambled!

You can read more about the show which runs on Saturday and Sunday Mornings on CITV here.

Please note: No one will be filmed without prior permission and a completed form prior to filming.

Here’s what our Gymnasts can do to be involved:

(Remember that we will need to maintain social distancing at all times)

Let us know before you come if your child would like to be involved, we can then arrange to have a coach available to film their part.

You can email us here, please let us know..

  • your child's name,

  • the time and day of their class

  • what they would like to do on camera

If your child would like to be involved, let us know asap.

The producers are looking for ...


Gymnasts who have funny jokes for the 'laughter lab' or amazing facts to 'Outsmart Sam'


Do you have something you would like to share for ‘sharezies’? Perhaps you have just mastered a new gymnastics skill that you are proud of or maybe you've won an award? We can film these in the gym for you, just let us know in advance. (We’ll have to make sure no one is in the background of your video). Click here for examples of previous sharezies

Scrambled & LWGC’s Got Talent -

Do you have a special talent you’d like to share? It doesn’t have to be Gymnastics related, if you’d like to make a video of your talent, give us a shout, we can film you here.

In addition to all of the above .. at home you could do a kitchen disco (please note, this is the only segment that can be filmed outside the gym.


Have you got some cool dance moves for Scrambled's 'Kitchen Disco' – Fun dance moves for the presenters to try and copy and perform on the show. Here's a video clip of kitchen disco to inspire you!


  1. Gymnasts must be in LWGC uniform - either t-shirt, hoodie, onesie or LWGC Leotard.

  2. Gymnasts must have a signed release form.

Child Release Form
Download DOCX • 159KB

Click the link above to download and print your form.

Gymnasts must state your name before you begin so that the producers can match your video to your form and the presenters can introduce your video too, no surnames will be used on the show.

We cannot wait to see what you come up with, let's raise our gymnast's spirits and have a giggle in the process!


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