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LWGC - Training coaches to support gymnasts' mental health

May 2020 was Mental Health Awareness Month & while our coaches are unable to coach their gymnasts at this time, we are so proud to say that they have been spending time completing a certificate in

Mental Health Awareness for Sport & Physical Activity.

The 3 hour training course helps our coaches gain skills and confidence to better understand and support people living with mental health problems, and continue to create a positive environment that ensures all gymnasts enjoy the benefits of being active and maintain an activity that they love.

Our coaches completed four modules which increases their knowledge and understanding of mental health, providing them with the practical skills and strategies to be able to:

  • build gymnast’s resilience, self-esteem and confidence

  • strategies to adapt our sessions to make them more inclusive

  • enable the coaches to support mental health recovery, and tackle stigma and discrimination.

We are passionate about supporting children's mental health and we recognise that during this time, it's more important than ever that we train, educate and adapt to further support our gymnasts in a range of ways.

If your gymnast is finding it tough at the moment, there's lots of help, support & advice on the Mind website here:


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